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King’s Week 2024

27th June – 3rd July

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Welcome back to King’s Week and the wealth of events on offer! The theme of this year is to ‘break out of the bubble’ and root the events more in the community. Particularly through the King’s Mile running race, Outside In Fair and a wider variety of old and young spectators, we’re ready to open this well-kept secret to a local audience.

This is an enormous operation, which would not be possible without the help of many people and, this year, I am particularly grateful to my Pupil Creative Assistant, Fumiko. Every pupil in 5th to 6a will also be part of a ‘pupil team’, ushering, teaching, organising or performing and this will teach them a little more about one aspect of event organisation, as well as helping things to run more smoothly.

We have, again, kept those internally-set ticket prices affordable by leaving alcoholic drinks as an optional extra (with the exception of a free drink at The Gala Symphony Concert). Please do choose the correct ticket for pre-orders.

Thank you so much for supporting King’s Week 2024. We look forward to seeing you!

– Florence Walton

Bored, in Kings Week? Impossible

Pia, 6b

Everything went smooth as butter

Anonymous pupil (feedback survey 2022)

Very excited to be part of my 4th play at King's Week

Amelia, 6b (Clara in Hay Fever)

made me confident to do more in the future

Anonymous pupil (feedback survey 2023)

Acting in Oliver Twist is something I’ll remember for a long time

Amreeta, Remove (Junior Play actor 2023)

The [sunset] yoga is definitely something to be continued

Anonymous pupil (feedback survey 2022)

I'm really excited to participate in my yearly tournament

Laura, 6b (Touch rugby)

It was an absolutely wonderful experience

Anonymous pupil (feedback survey 2023)

It is so fun to be able to dance and perform with my friends

Allegra, Remove (KiDaCo)

Absolutely amazing but very tiring

Anonymous pupil (feedback survey 2023)

King's Week is such a good way to get out of your comfort zone

Imi, Remove (KiDaCo)

great vibe and fun atmosphere

Anonymous pupil (feedback survey 2023)

The Serenade was definitely a night to be remembered

Yuri, 5th

the set-up of the giant chess board and more low-key events were a great opportunity to relax or meet up with friends

Anonymous pupil (feedback survey 2023)

Crypt Choir…has been and will be an invaluable part of my kings experience

Freddie, Remove (Serenade)

It was surprisingly fun being able to perform…as I expected to be much more nervous

Anonymous pupil (feedback survey 2022)

Singing or watching The Serenade is an unforgettable experience

Cat, 6b (Crypt Choir)

There was a good bit of everything

Anonymous pupil (feedback survey 2022)

I'm really glad we're given the opportunity to perform in front of such an audience

Anonymous pupil (feedback survey 2023)

excited for the bands and the plays

Lucas, 5th (Sinfonia)

KW allows you to try anything that pops into your mind

Anonymous pupil (feedback survey 2023)

I enjoyed organising the house stall with my friends

Daniel, 5th

The AC/DC concert was one of the best experiences I've ever had as a performer

Anonymous pupil (feedback survey 2023)

I love assisting with experiments

Ealye (Lab on the Lawn)

I enjoyed doing the house fete stands

Archie, Remove

I had fun learning about different cultural foods and I loved the Scottish dancing

Anonymous pupil (feedback survey 2023)

I get to express myself and try new things

Ola, Remove (KiDaCo)

KiDaCo was certainly triumphant

Anonymous pupil (feedback survey 2023)

enjoying meeting new people

Henry, Remove (Paris in Romeo and Juliet)

Food was excellent, car show was awesome and there were numerous activities to compete in

Anonymous pupil (feedback survey 2023)

I can't wait to do show jumping at Birley's

Kandace, 6b (Show Jumping)

lots of incredible, varied artworks

Anonymous pupil (feedback survey 2023)

the atmosphere up at Birley's is always amazing

Tara, 6b

gaining skills not found in classrooms

Anonymous pupil (feedback survey 2023)

spent time with friends I knew and forged new ones

Anonymous pupil (feedback survey 2023)

Please let us know if you have any questions.