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drama and dance

Hay Fever (Sunday)

Sun 30 June 2024

Drama Studio (Malthouse)

16:00 – 17:30


‘Hay Fever’ is a delightful comedic play written by the renowned English playwright, Noël Coward. First premiered in 1925, this classic farce is a witty exploration of the eccentricities and complexities within a weekend getaway. Set in an English country house, the Bliss family, led by the flamboyant retired actress Judith Bliss, invites unsuspecting guests for a tranquil retreat. However, the peaceful weekend takes a frightful turn as the Bliss family’s theatrical and unpredictable behaviour creates a whirlwind of chaos, misunderstandings, and comedic mayhem. With razor-sharp dialogue, clever repartee, and Coward’s quick-witted style, ‘Hay Fever’ remains a timeless masterpiece that continues to entertain audiences with its sparkling humour and satirical observations on human relationships.