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Jazz on a Summer Sunset

Thu 29 June 2023

Green Court Marquee

19:30 – 22:15


The Modern Jazz Group, under the direction of current pupil Head of Jazz, Ilinca, performs a variety of tunes in an entertaining evening of music. From showtune standards to exciting modern-day compositions, featuring top-class instrumentalists and awe-inspiring vocalists, this opening night will be an evening to remember! This will also include the auction for WaterAid.

The ticket includes a selection of Greek mezze for dinner.

Guaranteed refunds will not be possible, but please do let us know if you are unable to attend an event you booked, since we will try to sell your ticket on.

Parents are advised to order tickets for their children. Performances are open to the public and free seats cannot be reserved for members of the school.

Tickets do tend to sell fast, so most bookings are restricted to six tickets per event.

The concert will be livestreamed here: